Friday, November 7, 2008

Couple Moments

As a little girl and good into my teenage years I was extremely shy towards boys so because of the lack of boys around I would imagine cute moments in my head and how certain situation would be if I were in love with a boy. My creative imagination helped bring these moments to life as well as moment posters I’d buy and of course the movie screen.
I was just drawn to posters that had couples enjoying a moment together, whether it was kissing under an umbrella in Paris, a couple walking along the beach holding hands, or leaning into each other watching a
sunset. I loved the young, free love that was captured in those posters or essentially photographs taken. Through those and the moments created for movies I would place myself there and in a sense live in the movies.
Movie directors have the best jobs where they get to think up the perfect, idealistic, romantic moment that every girl longs for and then create that. By watching those moments it gives us, the hopeless romantic type, the hope that we can have those one day. What I got to do in this series I entitled “Moments” is be my own director for my cute moment series of photographs. I got to think up cute moments I’ve always imagined or wanted for myself and create them with a couple in love. I wanted to capture love in its most delicate form whether it be forbidden love, everyday love, or just young, free love that we all long for.

Forbidden Love

Everyday Love...

Young Love....